The importance of the visual order

and storage capacity

There are many demands from customers at the time of acquiring new units of sanitary vehicles: safety, functionality, reliability, resistance, hygiene, etc. And a highlight is also a high storage capacity. And it is not surprising since these vehicles, specifically in the case of type C ambulances, which give full assistance in emergencies in situ, being able to transfer patients in critical condition to the corresponding centre, must have all the necessary material to be able to react according to each situation. 

In recent years, this has turned emergency vehicles into authentic warehouses full of shelves, drawers, machinery, various equipment, accessories, etc. This “increase” of storage in some cases has been carried out with more or less success.

All this is very useful for the professional who has to intervene, who has a small cabin with all the necessary material. But what about the patient? For them, this environment may not be the most appropriate in a stressful situation. It is a discussion that has arisen several times, the professional must have all the necessary material to accompany and assist the patient.

In Rodríguez López, being aware of it and in order to offer solutions, we have developed a new ambulance with an ABS interior that allows us to offer a solution to this problem. It allows to have a large storage capacity maintaining a visual order.

Thus we offer the NILO, a type B / C ambulance which, complying with European regulations, and thanks to the use of ABS as a material to make the care cabin, which integrates the furniture, has a large storage capacity but at the same time guarantees:

  • A pleasant interior for the patient, reducing stress.

  • Easy access to the material, accelerating assistance.

  • Maximum safety in each of the spaces.