The KIT format is an important feature of the NILO ambulance, since the KIT allows the ambulance to be assembled afterwards 

That is, the care cabin is manufactured in such a way that the two sides, the front, the roof and the floor are independent, being able to be assembled later by qualified professionals, under the guarantee of Rodríguez López Auto, anywhere in the world. 

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NILO KIT Modules

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Left side

The module on the left side has been designed to have a high storage capacity and a large area for machinery. The two layers of ABS that form it allow great adaptability to the needs of each customer.

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The front module is formed by a highly resistant structure and the ABS front that includes furniture, several drawers with a fridge and serum-heater, space for backpacks, desktop, as well as all the electrical installation.

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Right side

It is a module of small dimensions which includes a high storage capacity at the top or rear area, as well as the space for a M1 type armchair. It is delivered with all components.

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Module of great importance for the resistance and support that it must carry out. It is an aluminium floor and stretchers and other components can be anchored at any point on its surface.

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The ceiling module consists of different layers of ABS. They have been designed so that they carry out the channelling of the air by themselves thus saving pipe assembly, and also offer greater resistance to the module. All components are installed between these layers. 

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Left outer side

This module is installed on the outer side and also has a high resistance structure where the left side is installed. This module has all the necessary components for the installation of oxygen.


Essential option for international customers who want to obtain their NILO models and benefit from their features.

Quick Installation 

Delivering each section already assembled saves steps in the final assembly.

Maximum customisation

The ABS allows to manufacture the interior taking into account the requirements of each country.

Shipment savings

Important savings when shipping only the interior of the cell and its components.

More important features of the NILO