Large storage capacity

The NILO ambulance design takes full advantage of the depth of the sides, without diminishing the strength of the structure of the care cabin, nor "intervening" in the free central area required by European regulations.

Maximum interior versatility with great customisation.
Maximum storage space with minimum weight.
High functionality and improved comfort, taking care of the patient's stress.
A high performance front, for the most demanding professionals.
Right side

Space of minimum dimensions, made with different layers of thermoformed ABS, where different storage areas are housed, as well as the installation of an M1 armchair.

Rethinking each space for maximum use

Left side

Space with more surface area and more analysis to obtain large storage capacity, machinery, etc. With great adaptability to the needs of each customer, it allows to create unique ambulances complying with the UNE-En 1789 regulations.

New spaces with more functions


The front is a space with multiple functions: storage, workspace, M1 armchair, etc. Made with different layers of thermoformed ABS, it has everything needed to meet the most demanding expectations.

Innovative design while maintaining maximum functionality


A large and important space inside a sanitary vehicle. It offers elegance, maximum lighting and large surface area for machinery.

Made with different layers of ABS, it allows to integrate the air channeling in the ceiling, thus saving assembly, and also provides greater resistance to the module.