Highlight points:

These are some of the most remarkable points in lighting of the NILO ambulance.

4 light points on the ceiling

Located on the stretcher, on the ceiling of the care cabin, these 4 light points offer optimum lighting for professionals.

Led strip on the perimeter

A Led strip located throughout the outer perimeter of the ceiling has been installed, increasing the lighting of the care cabin.

Additional light point in the work area

An additional LED strip located above the main work area, on the front of the cell, offers extra lighting for the professional who is handling and working.

Additional light points

Additional lighting made with LED strips are located in different spaces on the left side to improve lighting in specific work spaces.

Additional points

The additional light points are a clear bet of the NILO ambulance, since, by incorporating different lighting strips, professionals have extra light points right in those places where they have to handle and work.

Better lighting, better harmony

Perimeter light

In the NILO ambulance, the use of indirect light has been rejected, since it can be clearly replaced by the perimeter light. In this way, corners where dust is likely to accumulate have been removed.

In addition, the situation of the perimeter light in the NILO offers lighting that, when directed towards the walls, gives a greater amplitude to the space.